20 Jan 2011

Reduction in UK working visas unlikely to affect NZers

7:03 pm on 20 January 2011

British Foreign Secretary William Hague says he doubts New Zealanders will be affected by the United Kingdom's plans to reduce the number of working visas it allocates each year.

William Hague and British Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, are in the country for talks with their New Zealand counterparts and defence personnal.

From April, Britain will reduce its allocation of working visas, a move which potentially threatens to jeopardise the popular O.E. experience which is common with many young New Zealanders.

But Mr Hague says his country does not want to deter people coming from New Zealand.

He says he does not expect it to unduly affect the number of people coming into the UK from New Zealand and the UK does not want any significant or serious reduction in those numbers.