6 Jan 2011

Funds raised in UK for Cape Evans hut trust

4:50 pm on 6 January 2011

Donors in England have raised £3.5 million to help the New Zealand Heritage Trust continue to conserve the Cape Evans hut, built during Captain Robert Falcon Scott's last expedition to the South Pole.

Charles Stewart-Smith, who was part of the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust's fundraising committee, says when the trust failed to secure National Lottery funding in England, the government and a charitable foundation stepped forward.

The remainder of the funds came from individuals, other charitable groups, businesses and schools.

It is 100 years since Scott's expedition landed at the Cape Evans hut in Antarctica.

The South Pole was first reached by Norwegian Roald Amundsen on 14 December 1911. Scott and his team arrived there on 17 January 1912.

They perished on the return journey in late March 1912.