22 Dec 2010

Speed cameras a nice little earner

6:16 pm on 22 December 2010

Speed camera fines worth $209 million have been issued since the start of 2005.

Official figures show more than 2.4 million speed camera tickets were issued from 2005 until September this year.

About a quarter of the fines were unpaid and the cases ended up in court.

Motorists are also having trouble this year keeping their speed down in Auckland, Rotorua and near Palmerston North.

The top speed camera site is on State Highway 1 at Sanson, where more than 9800 tickets were issued in the first nine months of the year.

The next three locations are in Auckland - in Otahuhu, Birkenhead and Henderson - each responsible for about 5000 tickets.

Another 4000 were issued by a camera on State Highway 5 at Otonga in Rotorua.