23 Jun 2010

24/7 liquor ban extended - but not to whole city

7:57 pm on 23 June 2010

Wellington City Council has voted to extend its liquor ban, but stopped short of applying it to the whole city.

A 24-hour-seven-days-a-week city-wide alcohol ban was rejected by nine votes to six.

But drinking was banned - as it already is in the city centre - in the streets, parks and other public places of the suburbs of Newtown and Mount Cook.

Councillors against a city-wide ban argued that it would be an over-reaction to drunken disorder in the Newtown area. They said there was no mandate from the public for total prohibition.

Those in support said a full ban would give consistent rules and be easier to police. Mayor Kerry Prendergast said that the council keeps pushing out the liquor ban's boundaries, and that a total ban would send a clearer, consistent message.

The Newtown and Mount Cook ban will take effect on 10 August.

A council paper had recommended a blanket ban, even though 76% of submitters opposed it. An independent survey had also found more people against the ban than for it.