20 Apr 2010

Tuesday's newspaper headlines

10:59 am on 20 April 2010

New Zealand signs up to declaration on indigenous rights; one of New Zealand's richest men effectively pays no tax; last minute, $500,000 Lotto win.

NZ Herald

A witness describes the aftermath of the weekend's deadly crash in the Waikato. The police officer who made a fatal U-turn in front of a motorcyclist was left so badly shaken by the man's death he could not make an emergency call on his cellphone.

There's a hint of hope for stranded travellers, with the limited opening of airspace over Europe.

An Auckland Lotto winner claimed a $500,000 prize with just one day to spare - and only after he found the ticket by chance.

Dominion Post

One of New Zealand's richest men tells the paper he effectively pays no tax. Sam Morgan, who sold Trade Me in 2006 for more than $700 million has criticised the tax system and capital gains as unfair to working people.

In what the paper describes as a U-turn, Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples has flown secretly to New York for a speech to the United Nations signing up New Zealand to a declaration on indigenous rights. The paper said New Zealand had looked increasingly isolated over its repeated refusal to endorse the declaration.

Top scientist Sir Paul Callaghan says cancer is a rich man's disease after choosing to buy drugs privately to fight his own life-threatening condition.

The Press

In what's being described as "ecocide", rare species and valuable ecosystems may be threatened if an area of the Mackenzie Basin is put into private ownership, environmentalists say.

Environment Minister Nick Smith's younger brother, who faced 21 charges brought by Environment Canterbury, says he has been unfairly treated and believes his brother made the right decision in sacking the regional council.

Otago Daily Times

Worsening dry conditions have forced Otago farming leaders to seek help from the Government.

With the season approaching, southern region police have drinking duck-shooters in their sights, and warn they will be targeting anyone who consumes alcohol around firearms.