17 Apr 2010

Most in favour of keeping Wellington wind turbine

7:31 pm on 17 April 2010

Votes cast so far in a poll to decide the fate of Wellington's Brooklyn wind turbine show most people are in favour of keeping the landmark.

By Saturday evening, 1500 people had cast their votes in a poll being run over the weekend by Meridian Energy to gauge public views on whether the country's oldest turbine should be repaired, replaced or removed.

Meridian Energy spokesperson Claire Shaw said that, so far, most people were in favour of keeping the turbine, though it was a neck-and-neck race over whether the company should repair or replace it.

The turbine, installed in 1993, and the first of its kind in New Zealand, is out of action because of mechanical problems.

People can vote on its fate via a poll on the Stuff website.