15 Apr 2010

Wellington buses get green light to use Manners Mall

5:57 pm on 15 April 2010

The Environment Court has upheld a Wellington City Council plan to reintroduce two-way bus traffic to Manners Street in the central city.

Part of the street was blocked off in 1979 and since that time had operated as the pedestrian-only thoroughfare, Manners Mall.

Public consulation over the proposal took place last year and the council identified reduced bus travel times and increased public transport reliability as two benefits of the proposal.

But those opposed to the introduction of buses to Manners Mall took a case to the Environment Court, in which they highlighted risks to pedestrian safety in the area.

The Environment Court has found that none of the disadvantages raised outweigh the advantages which arise from buses being able to travel through the mall.

The council says work on the project may begin in May.