7 Apr 2010

Firearms licences review after trespass notices issued

5:00 pm on 7 April 2010

Trespass notices have been issued to 736 people in a nine-month operation by police and forest security agencies targeting forest land.

The joint operation by Rotorua police and forest security agencies targeted people who did not have permission to be on the land, permits, or firearms licences.

The operation was designed to reduce crime, poaching and trespassing in commercial forests and national parks and on private land.

Police say 250 people are now having their firearms licences reviewed.

Police say it will continue during the upcoming hunting season and will include other agencies in future.

Trespass notices are valid for two years from their issue date, and repeat offenders can be prosecuted.

Police say those served with a notice run the risk of losing their firearms licence, because holders must comply with the general laws of the land and be sound of mind.