10 Jul 2024

Sir Peter Jackson's Stone Street Studio parking deal: 'People should be treated the same'

5:33 pm on 10 July 2024
Stone Street Studios in the Wellington suburb of Mirimar.

Stone Street Studios in the Wellington suburb of Miramar. Photo: Google Maps

A Miramar resident says the Wellington City Council should have consulted with them before leasing car parks to Sir Peter Jackson for $1 a year.

Stone Street Studios has been leased about 50 car parks in the Wellington suburb for $1 a year since 2010, with the deal renewed in 2022.

Miramar local Neil Sands said there was no public parking on or near Stone Street, and it was not fair to local businesses or residents.

"I've struggled to park there a number of times, and it's quite annoying," he said.

"People should be treated the same, so either charge Stone Street a fair fee for these carparks, or extend the same benefits to everyone.

"There's lots of businesses out there who would absolutely love to have a dedicated car park or two for their customers.

While the Wellington City Council said the car parks were public parking spaces and only become private for Stone Street Studios when they were filming, Sands said there were permanent 'no parking' signs, private security guards and road cones blocking them off.

He told Checkpoint he had no issue with Stone Street or Jackson, "but I do have an issue with the quasi-privatisation of public land".

"Everybody's going through a cost of living crisis, and rates are going up, and maybe after 14 years it's time to take another look at a sweetheart deal like this."

The Wellington City Council told Sands it did not consult with residents before permitting a road encroachment licence.

Councillor Tim Brown said it was intended to minimise conflict between residents and those working at Stone Street Studios.

He said there were very few complaints since then.

However, the council would review it, he said.

"That is likely to entail asking residents if they want council to introduce time-limited, coupon and resident parking in their area.

"If they do, and are willing to pay to park on the street, then it's likely that something similar will be introduced for the studio."

The annual fee for on-street resident parking was about $100, Brown said.

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