31 May 2024

Hydraulic system failure caused Jetstar plane to swerve off Christchurch Airport runway, TAIC investigates

5:12 pm on 31 May 2024

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is investigating the incident where a Jetstar plane slid off the runway at Christchurch Airport.

Flights were cancelled after the flight hit trouble while landing, however, the airport opened mid-morning.

Initial reports indicated the Airbus A320 aircraft experienced a steering problem as it was landing, TAIC accidents chief investigator Naveen Kozhuppakalam said.

All passengers on the Auckland to Christchurch flight JQ225 disembarked safely, with no reported injuries to passengers or crew, he said.

Kozhuppakalam said the commission would include cockpit voice and flight data recordings in its investigation, as well as airport CCTV footage.

Crew, authorities, air traffic control, and eyewitnesses would also be interviewed.

Passengers aboard a 180-seater Jetstar aircraft said they heard noises mid-flight.

Jetstar chief operating officer Matt Franzi said the aircraft experienced a steering issue "associated with one of three hydraulic systems failing on the aircraft".

"During landing the aircraft veered on the runway before going onto the grass at low speed for a short period of time before returning to the runway and coming to a stop."

A Jetstar aircraft slid off the runway at Christchurch Airport on arrival on 31 May, 2024.

A Jetstar aircraft slid off the runway at Christchurch Airport on arrival. Photo: Supplied / JJ Green

He also said there were no injuries to passengers or crew.

The aircraft was towed to the gate and all passengers disembarked.

"We're working with Airbus and relevant authorities to investigate what happened."

He said the aircraft would not be returned to service until fully operational.