20 May 2024

Man charged with receiving stolen property after chocolate stolen from Auckland supermarket

6:47 pm on 20 May 2024
Shoplifter stealing bar of chocolate in a supermarket.

Buying stolen goods is a criminal offence. (File photo) Photo: 123RF

A central Auckland retailer is facing charges after a police operation unwrapped the distribution of stolen goods.

The investigation, which was ongoing, resulted in a search warrant being executed at a convenience store in the city late on Friday.

In the process, more than 50 blocks of chocolate were recovered after being stolen from a city supermarket earlier in the day.

Auckland City Central area commander Inspector Grant Tetzlaff said police had been investigating a series of thefts recently.

"Our staff in the city have been keeping a close eye on the wider picture of those involved in the initial offending, but also where these products are ending up.

"Enquiries have led to the search warrant being carried out late on Friday."

A 42-year-old man was set to appear in court on charges of receiving stolen property.

The actions of a "few small retailers" was "disappointing", Tetzlaff said.

"This behaviour simply continues a cycle of offending and means their industry colleagues are likely to be targeted and victimised in their businesses."

Buying stolen goods is a criminal offence.

"Our message to retailers is that they should be more aware if they are being approached to buy product at very low prices," Tetzlaff said.

"If you are being approached to buy at bargain-basement prices, you could be dealing in stolen merchandise."

Any such approaches should be reported to police.

The arrest comes off the back of ongoing efforts to target retail crime offenders.

"In the past six months we have laid hundreds of charges for theft at central city businesses."

The operation is continuing, and Police anticipate investigations into theft of other items will lead to arrests.

"We are following some lines of enquiry, and we cannot rule out laying further charges over the initial thefts or those involved in receiving stolen goods," Inspector Tetzlaff says.

As for the man facing charges, he is expected in the Auckland District Court on 7 June.