24 Apr 2024

ADHD expert suspended after wrongly writing thousands of prescriptions

9:21 pm on 24 April 2024
Dr Tony Hanne

Dr Tony Hanne Photo: Supplied

A doctor who wrote thousands of prescriptions for ADHD medication without the necessary approvals has been suspended for a year.

Auckland GP Dr John Anthony Hanne, who goes by Tony, appeared before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in December.

Family doctors are allowed to prescribe ADHD medication, but patients must get separate approval from a paediatrician or psychiatrist every two years.

Hanne, now in his 80s, was successfully prosecuted last year after he was found to be working with a psychiatrist who rubber stamped the approvals without seeing or speaking to the patients.

Hanne said at the time it was because many of his patients could not access specialist care due to cost, and a shortage of doctors.

Now, the tribunal has ordered a year's suspension, with conditions imposed on his practising certificate when he returns, and costs and a fine totalling more than $175,000 to be paid.

"The tribunal considered that although the doctor had made a significant contribution to the study and diagnoses of ADHD that had at times been life-changing for his patients, he was doing so without the required qualification or supervision," it reads.

"Despite multiple warnings, the doctor stubbornly refused to accept any suggestion that he might be acting improperly."