19 Apr 2024

'Significant' disruptions on Auckland train network after rail problems

4:56 pm on 19 April 2024
Auckland commuters 25 and over return to full-price public transport fares.

Photo: RNZ / Ziming Li

Rail problems in Auckland are causing significant disruption to the city's train system this afternoon.

The Onehunga Line has been suspended until further notice, and the Western Line is suspended between Newmarket and Britomart stations.

AT says only one platform is operating at Britomart Station, and they're waiting on crews to fix the points issue causing the disruption.

They say buses will accept train tickets to and from stations while delays and cancellations continue.

In further updates Auckland Transport said buses were detouring past Penrose Station to allow travel between Onehunga and Penrose.

The Kiwi Coaches buses running between Newmarket and Britomart will also stop at Parnell and The Strand.

Two extra buses were due to be added to the two already on the service by mid-afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Eastern line is now running its normal route between Manukau and Britomart.