Fred again.. fans miss out on tickets as scalpers sell on hiked prices

8:17 pm on 20 March 2024
Fred Again...

Photo: Supplied

Fred again.. fans in Wellington have been left dismayed after missing out on tickets to scalpers.

The UK DJ arrived in the capital on Wednesday and confirmed he is performing a show in the city.

The British music artist has been touring Australia for the past few weeks performing in cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Ever since he started performing across the ditch speculation had been building of whether he would perform shows in New Zealand.

Once tickets went on sale, fans were left sitting in the queue on the Ticketek website while scalpers were already beginning to post tickets online at significantly inflated prices.

Among those fans who missed out was Logan.

He said there was an influx of posts from scalpers on Facebook page Vic Deals this afternoon, and the prices they were charging were "daylight robbery."

"You see all these people just selling tickets non-stop $300, three times the price, if not more."

Logan said he had been anticipating Fred again..'s show for weeks and was gutted to have missed out.

He also thought ticketing agent, Ticketek, could have done more to prevent the scalpers from taking advantage.

Ticketek rejected claims that 30 percent of tickets to Saturday's concert were bought by bots.

Ticketek said its data showed bots were only a small fraction of the overall traffic.