29 Feb 2024

AM Show presenters in tears as they thank viewers for support after Newshub announcement

7:44 am on 29 February 2024
AM Show co-hosts Lloyd Burr and Melissa Chan-Green talk about the intended closure of Newshub's newsroom.


AM Show presents Melissa Chan-Green and Lloyd Burr spoke through tears as they presented their first show since the announcement Newshub would be closing.

On Wednesday, Newshub staff members were called to a meeting where they were told of a proposal that would see the newsroom close from 30 June.

Newshub still presented a 6pm new bulletin on Wednesday night, leading the programme with its own closure.

As Thursday's morning show began, Chan-Green took Burr's hand, and through tears, thanked viewers for their support.

"I can't explain how wonderful it is to have your company this morning. You've likely seen the news by now that our company has proposed to shutdown Newshub from June," Chan-Green said.

"Some people have been asking, does that affect AM too? AM and Newshub are one in the same. We are all part of the same family, I hope you can hear me in this voice. So yes: that does mean AM too."

Melissa Chan-Green seen after the announcement on Wednesday. Photo: RNZ/Marika Khabazi

Burr said it had been a "whopping" 24 hours for everyone at Newshub.

He had only been in the co-host role for a short time, taking over from Ryan Bridge at the beginning of the year.

Bridge was set to host a new 7pm show that was taking the place of The Project which was axed last year.

Bridge's show never eventuated.

Burr said: "It's been pretty tough but we'll get through it and you're going to get through it with us and you're going to help us get through this.

"It's been pretty tough but we are going to be with you until the end of June, hopefully, depending on how the proposals go but we will be with you until then."

Chan-Green spoke of how lucky she felt to have worked with Newshub and TV3 for 17 years.

"It got me though some pretty dark times at times and I'm so lucky to work with all of you, the people in the newsroom, including the people who stayed behind after such awful news yesterday.

"They stayed behind in the newsroom, they put a bulletin out and they set up the show this morning because we care about what we do and we care about what you watch and we're just so thankful to have your company. Thank you for your support."

Burr finished off by saying when the chips were down, the team "get through it".

"I can't believe they managed to put a show out last night and our wonderful team has managed to put a show together for us today."

Newshub's 6pm present Mike McRoberts told RNZ on Wednesday the news was "heartbreaking".

He did not know what it meant for news but said: "We're a pretty good newsroom. If we can't make it work, who can?"

A government bailout for Newshub looks out of the question.

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