8 Feb 2024

Late buses to get priority at Auckland intersections

10:06 am on 8 February 2024
Auckland commuters 25 and over return to full-price public transport fares.

Photo: Duoya Lu

Technology that allows late buses to get priority at traffic lights is be rolled out to more Auckland intersections.

An Auckland Transport promotional video said it used a buses' onboard GPS to identify when a service was running late.

They could then prioritise green traffic lights on the buses' route to give it a "green wave" or "boost" to get it back on time.

Auckland councillor Richard Hills said the technology was trialled on Manukau and Dominion Roads and the Eastern Busway last year.

It would be added to 25 more intersections over the next six to eight months, he told Morning Report.

"Essentially it's trying to speed up the public transport system so people want to use buses more. There's nothing worse than being in a bus stuck behind 10 cars when there's 90 of you in a double decker waiting to get through a queue."

The chair of Auckland Council's environment committee Richard Hills at Beach Haven beach.

Auckland councillor Richard Hills Photo: Alexia Russell

Hills said there had to be a bus lane, or another mechanism to give buses priority, for the system to work.

"If we want to add more of them in areas where we don't have bus priority, we will have to add things like bus lanes and transit lanes, which someone people don't like. But we know that if you can speed up more people hopefully public transport becomes more attractive which speeds up everyone."

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