12 Jan 2024

Product recalled after dairy found in Kiwigarden dairy free yogurt drops

4:42 pm on 12 January 2024
Kiwigarden brand Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt Drops.

Kiwigarden has recalled three of its dairy free yogurt drop products after traces of dairy were found in a second batch. Photo: Supplied / MPI

All batches of dairy free yogurt drops made by Kiwigarden have been recalled, after traces of milk were found in a second batch this week.

Last week, New Zealand Food Safety recalled specific batches of the Kiwigarden yogurt drops.

Kiwigarden general manager Johnny Wiggins said all batches were being recalled and production was suspended for the foreseeable future.

A second round of testing had been underway this week, and it had found milk and casein, a milk protein, in a second batch, Wiggins said.

"The company is taking an extremely cautious approach.

"We are moving quickly to completely remove this product from the market and home pantries.

"The presence of milk and casein is extremely small, but this is a product for babies and toddlers, so it's important that we do the right thing."

The products recalled included: Kiwigarden Coconut Vanilla Dairy Free Yoghurt Drops, 50g; Kiwigarden Coconut Vanilla Dairy Free Yoghurt Drops, 10g; and Kiwigarden Coconut Vanilla Dairy Free Yoghurt Drops, 14g. No other Kiwigarden products were affected.

Kiwigarden had earlier recalled one batch of the 50g Coconut Vanilla Dairy Free Yoghurt Drops.

The company had not received any complaints from consumers, "and are not aware of any adverse health effects arising from this product," Wiggins said.

"We take the welfare of our consumers very seriously, and deeply regret the presence of dairy in this dairy free product."

Kiwigarden said it had told the Ministry for Primary Industries about the latest discovery.

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