20 Jul 2023

Corrections opens inquiry into handling of Auckland shooter Matu Tangi Matua Reid

5:48 pm on 20 July 2023
Armed police remain at the cordon of a serious shooting incident in downtown Auckland on 20 July, 2023.

An armed officer at the scene in downtown Auckland. Photo: RNZ / Marika Khabazi

The offender who carried out today's shooting in the CBD last reported to Corrections on Wednesday and was doing a non-violence programme, the national commissioner says.

The gunman, Matu Tangi Matua Reid, who was 24, died during the incident at a construction site on Queen Street. Two other people who are also believed to have been linked to the worksite were also killed.

Corrections said Reid was sentenced in court to five months' home detention for family violence offending on 28 March 2023.

Queen Street shooter Matu Tangi Matua Reid, 24, pictured on 6 December 2017

Matu Tangi Matua Reid Photo: Facebook / TYLA Youth Development Trust

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster told media this afternoon the gunman had worked at the construction site. He said Reid was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time, which was a condition of his sentence and he had an exemption to work there.

Corrections acting national commissioner Sean Mason said the chief probation officer will conduct an inquiry into how Corrections handled Reid's home detention.

He said Reid was being electronically monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week, however, he had received approval for regular absences from his home to travel to the construction site for work, including at the time the incident occurred this morning.

He was subject to 10 conditions, plus an extra five special conditions:

  • Not to possess, consume or use any alcohol or drugs not prescribed to him
  • To attend and complete an appropriate alcohol and drug programme to the satisfaction of a probation officer
  • To attend and complete an appropriate non-violence programme to the satisfaction of a probation officer
  • Not to associate with or contact a specific person without the prior written approval of a probation officer
  • To reside at a specific address

"He had completed an alcohol and other drug programme, and had been drug tested twice during his sentence, with negative results on both occasions. He was also actively engaged in a non-violence programme," Mason said.

He said while a full review was yet to be undertaken, initial information suggested community Corrections staff managed his compliance with these conditions closely.

"He was in frequent contact with staff, and was required to report in to his probation officer twice every ten days. He had last reported in yesterday.

"While initial indications are that community Corrections staff were appropriately monitoring and managing his risk, the full review being carried out by our chief probation officer will identify any action we can take to help prevent a horrific tragedy like this from happening again.

"We are absolutely committed to learning from this event and continuing our work to keep New Zealanders safe."

Mason also expressed Corrections sympathy to the victims' families. He also acknowledged the survivors, witnesses and emergency responders.

"I can only imagine their horror and pain, and the enduring trauma that they will face. Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time," Mason said.

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