1 Jan 2023

Five hurt in bouncy castle accident

6:47 am on 1 January 2023
St John Ambulance generic

Photo: St John

Two people have been hospitalised and three others are injured after a bouncy castle was swept up by the wind in Tauranga last night.

The police say they were alerted to the incident just after 7.30pm.

The incident happened at the Fergusson Park's New Year's Eve community celebration in Matua.

Council spokesperson Gareth Wallace said they were waiting for details about those who were injured.

"We're obviously concerned about anyone that was injured on a bouncy castle.

"It is a high likelihood that they could be young people, but we've got to wait until we hear back in terms of the assessment that's being undertaken by the hospital at the moment."

Wallace said all inflatable devices were closed at all the community events as soon as they were notified of the incident.

The Tauranga district council said Worksafe has been notified.