Auckland boat capsize: Search continues for missing person

12:40 pm on 7 November 2022
Clarks Beach

A view over Clarks Beach on Monday, as a search for a person missing from a capsized yacht continued. Photo: RNZ / Lucy Xia

The search for a person missing from a capsized boat off Clarks Beach is continuing today with the police Eagle helicopter and land searchers taking part.

One person died and another is missing after the boat tipped over in Manukau Harbour on Sunday night.

Three others were taken to Middlemore Hospital.

From Halls Access near Clarks Beach on Monday, a search jet could be seen on choppy water and a helicopter was circling above.

A man who lives nearby said the community had immediately offered help for people at the scene on Sunday.

"There was a lot of activity," the neighbour said. "A lot of people had gathered here, residents in the area came onto the shoreline.

"On Facebook a lot of people were offering help, like blankets," he said. "People really rallied to help out."

Another local helping with the search effort near Clarks Beach Yacht Club said he knew the family of the missing person and had been searching since 6am.

Manukau ward councillor Lotu Fuli said she was devastated to hear of another incident in the harbour.

"Unfortunately it's not a surprise, we've had so many incidents in recent years at the Manukau Harbour, and they keep happening," she said. "Just last year there were maybe five people who passed away because the bar there is notorious for boats lodging themselves or becoming capsized."

Coastguard Waiuku president Dean Lawrence said the vessel was not close to the Manukau Bar and he was unsure what had caused the capsize.

"The harbour does have some risks to it, it can get quite choppy and rough."

He said the Coastguard's boats were on standby as the search continued.