30 Aug 2022

Wellington City Council chasing $17k in anti-mandate protest parking fines

6:25 am on 30 August 2022

Anti-government protesters who occupied Parliament earlier this year owe Wellington City Council $17,450 in parking fines.

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A convoy of cars illegally parked on the streets of central Wellington during the anti-mandate protest in February this year. Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

There were 615 tickets issued over the course of the 23-day occupation earlier this year, where hundreds of vehicles descended onto the roads and footpaths near Parliament grounds.

The total sum sat at about $37,000.

About two thirds have now been paid, but 255 are yet to pay their fines.

People have 56 days from the time they received the parking infringement to apply for a payment plan, submit an appeal or make a request in writing to have their case heard by the Court.

The protest came to a violent end 181 days ago.

Wellington City Council said those overdue fines would go through the standard infringement process.

Those who hadn't paid may be referred to the Ministry of Justice, where debt collection is managed by the Courts with any additional collection costs also charged to the owner of the vehicle.

Wellington City Council spokesperson Richard MacLean said it was possible some people could be appealing the fine to their district court.

Despite a similar anti-government protest last Tuesday, MacLean said there was no notable increase in illegal parking on the day.

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