4 Aug 2022

Man killed by pack of dogs in Northland, police believe

6:17 pm on 4 August 2022

A man has been killed by dogs in the Far North community of Panguru, police believe.

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File image. Photo: 123RF

In a statement, police said earlier today they responded to a sudden death, and it appeared the deceased was subject to a dog attack.

"Enquiries are in their early stages, but police don't believe the death was suspicious. Police and animal control have attempted to secure the dogs on the property.

"However, four of the dogs got loose, and were behaving in an aggressive manner. Police risk assessment showed the dogs posed a risk to their safety.

"In the process of trying to contain the dogs, unfortunately one was shot by Police, and died. The other three dogs are still outstanding."

Police are warning people in the area to be vigilant and avoid any stray dogs, and to let them know if they see any.

The Northland President of Federated Farmers Colin Hannah said an attack like this was unusual, but dogs have been a problem in the area before.

"We have had problems with unruly dogs and actually farmers' dogs east of that point [where the attack occurred] particularly with sheep."

Hannah said he was unsure if the dogs were wild or domesticated.

Investigations will continue overnight and tomorrow.