10 Feb 2022

Police on hand as ticketing of protesters' vehicles begins

5:09 pm on 10 February 2022

The Wellington police are helping parking wardens to clear blocked roads around Parliament.

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Each parking warden is accompanied by police officers. Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

The anti-mandate demonstrators have been asked to shift illegally parked vehicles and tickets are now being issued.

An RNZ reporter at the scene said around 120 tickets have been issued so far this afternoon.

The Wellington City Council said while it would like to start towing vehicles, a lot of resources will be needed.

Council spokesperson Richard McLean said the council is in constant discussions with the police about the vehicles.

Owners will be fined $40 if their vehicles are parked on the footpath and $60 if they are on yellow lines or parked on the road.

Each parking officer is being accompanied by at least two police officers.

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Photo: RNZ

More than 100 police officers are on Parliament's grounds and have been slowly pushing the crowd back and removing tents.

Tensions have been rising throughout the day, resulting in at least 120 protesters being arrested.

Police from around the country are being brought in to Parliament as the Covid-19 mandate protest continues.

They say they'll continue to bring resources in as long as is necessary to ensure public safety.

Meanwhile, the National Party says it does not support the convoy protest, despite one of its MPs posting on Facebook that she wanted to thanks the protesters.

Maureen Pugh edited the post before deleting it entirely, saying she didn't know the protesters were anti-vaccination.

The party's Covid-19 spokesman Chris Bishop said he did not see the post before it was deleted.

Bishop said Pugh has apologised for her actions and that there are no anti-vaxxers in the National caucus.

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