25 Nov 2021

Fears Porirua parking meters will drive people out of the city centre

5:22 pm on 25 November 2021

The Porirua Chamber of Commerce says proposed parking meters in the CBD will pile more pressure on businesses, and price out people from the city centre.

Picton has one-hour free parking until the end of June.

File photo: parking machine Photo: LDR/ Chloe Ranford

The Porirua City Council is wanting to introduce parking meters in the city centre, and will decide whether to next Thursday.

Proposed fees are between $1 and $2, with some parks having the first 60 or 30 minutes free.

Parking in the area is currently free, but with time limitations.

Chamber Chair Hamish Mexted says parking meteres will pile on more pressure on businesses.

"Between rising prices and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19, business is already overwhelmed with uncertainty."

Mexted also said pevious public engagement has shown many don't want the meters.

"What may be considered 'spare change' to Councillors can be an insurmountable barrier for Porirua's most vulnerable," he said.

"Our community spaces are a wonderful part of Porirua, we must make sure they remain open and accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford it."