21 Oct 2021

'Really, really frightening': A first-hand experience with Covid-19

3:12 pm on 21 October 2021

At the start of Auckland's Delta outbreak, 18-year-old Tali Meavale tested positive for Covid-19. He was part of the Assembly of God cluster, NZ's largest cluster to date.

The Mt Albert Grammar deputy head boy shares his Covid-19 story, from 'muddled up' test results to his time in MIQ and how in the end, it was his aiga (family) that came through for him when he needed help the most.

He is using his experience to provide support and education to his Samoan community and elders.

Tali, Marcus Savelio and Ullrich Von Reiche put together the below video to help the many elderly people who had tested positive, to better understand the process.

The young students hope it may help other Pasifika members with the testing, social distancing and isolation process as well.

Tali says they are in the process of creating more videos to help their community.