11 Jul 2021

Thousands of teachers' practising certificates to be reissued after High Court ruling

9:14 am on 11 July 2021

The Teaching Council is reissuing thousands of teachers' practising certificates.

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It is replacing annual certificates with documents valid for three years, as a result of a High Court decision last week.

The High Court last week quashed the council's move in February to annual certification.

The court's judgement said the council had not consulted teachers properly on the change and was charging teachers for costs it was not permitted to charge for.

The council says from Monday it will provide three-year certificates.

It will also replace about 12,000 annual certificates that have been issued since February.

In February, the council moved from triennial certificate renewal at a cost of $220 to annual renewal at a cost of $157 per year.

That means the change will reduce the cost of certification to teachers by more than half, creating a shortfall in council income likely to run to millions of dollars.

The court decision said the council had warned it faced insolvency if it were forced to drop its new, annual certification system and fees.

The council said it is now working with the Minister of Education and the Ministry of Education to ensure it remains financially stable.

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