14 Apr 2021

Tourist who died hunting may not have been aware of rules - Coroner

11:43 am on 14 April 2021

A coroner says it's unclear whether a tourist who died while hunting on steep West Coast terrain was aware of the safety rules he failed to follow.

Rainforest on the west coast of South Island in New Zealand

Hans Tornmarck set out on a solo alpine hunting trip near Fox Glacier. Photo: 123RF

No trace of Swedish man Hans Tornmarck has been found after he set out on a solo alpine hunting trip near Fox Glacier in 2017.

Deputy chief coroner Anna Tutton says Tornmarck didn't fill in the intentions book at his last hut, and did not carry a personal locator beacon.

Her report reminded alpine hunters to set out in pairs, carry two-way communications devices, and always consider the terrain risks when recovering fallen animals.

The report stated: "Given that, over the past 10 years, the most common cause of fatalities for alpine hunters has been falls, resulting in severe trauma, MSC recommends to all alpine hunters that they take a cautious approach to route finding and always consider the fall line for any animal they intend to shoot, so they are not exposed to high consequence terrain when recovering the animal."