26 Jan 2021

Six60 facing backlash after appearing on Lotto scratchie ticket

10:50 pm on 26 January 2021

A Six60 mega-fan is appalled the band - which has a huge, young fanbase - has lent its image to a scratchie ticket, saying it promotes gambling to vulnerable groups.

Popular Kiwi band Six60 have been criticised over their association with Lotto promotional material.

Popular Kiwi band Six60 have been criticised over its association with Lotto promotional material. Photo: Supplied

But the band says it feels the support that certain charity groups get from Lotto makes appearing on the scratchie worth it.

A photograph of the five members of the band Six60 adorns Lotto's new Instant Kiwi scratchie ticket and has caused outrage among the public and fans alike.

Lisa and her 11-year-old daughter are huge Six60 fans and frequently go to their shows.

"We listen to Six60 all the time on Spotify, we've been to the movie (about the band) a few times, we're about to head to the concert here in Wellington and have been looking forward to that for months," she said.

For Lisa and her daughter, listening to music that reflected Aotearoa was a big reason they supported the band.

"We can really relate to the themes about family, being strong in your identity, and, we are Māori. There are many members of the band that whakapapa. We love that we can relate to the band and the music."

But when Lisa saw Six60 promoting a scratchie with the members' faces on it she was shocked and disappointed.

Especially as she had witnessed the harm gambling could have on whānau and communities.

"Six60 is the most popular band in Aotearoa right now. So for them to be using their band to promote gambling is what I am most disappointed about."

Lisa said the band's reach had also expanded to rangatahi Māori with its release of waiata.

In the band's post on social media, it said profits from the scratchy sales would go towards supporting charities Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre and StarJam NZ and Heart Kids NZ.

Lisa said there were much better options for Six60 to raise money, including a benefit concert or donation boxes at shows.

Everyone made mistakes, she said, but she hoped the band would reflect on its decision to promote gambling.

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Six60. Photo: Supplied

Gambling Problem Foundation spokesperson Andree Froude was equally disappointed and worried about the message it sent to young fans.

"They're seeing their favourite band on a gambling product, which not only serves to normalise gambling, but could encourage them to buy the product."

Froude said scratchies could be particularly addictive because they could create a sense of instant gratification.

Six60 needed to seriously consider the harm this could cause, she said.

"Although they are supporting really worthwhile causes, that doesn't make it right. We need to also think about where the money is coming from, rather than where it is going. It is often the vulnerable who are impacted the most."

The Advertising Standards Authority said no complaints had yet been laid over the advertising.

Its chief executive Hilary Souter said there were rules against advertising gambling products to young people but it was beyond her scope to say if advertising of the scratchie breached those.

"The code requires a high standard of social responsibility. So extra care needs to be taken when promoting these products."

Anyone who was concerned about the advertising could lay a complaint through the Authority's website, she said.

Lotto, Six60 respond

In a statement, Lotto said "it exists to generate essential funding for community groups and organisations around the country, with 100 percent of Lotto NZ's profits supporting thousands of good causes each year.

"As a successful New Zealand band enjoyed by a broad adult audience and with a strong community purpose, Lotto NZ believes Six60 was a natural fit for Instant Kiwi."

It said the tickets were designed in accordance with industry standards and that all Instant Kiwi ads target only those over the age of 25 years old.

However, the band's Facebook page, where the scratchie was promoted, has 360,000 followers.

Lotto didn't respond to questions over whether Six60 was subject to Lotto's own advertising standards.

In a statement, the band said it was aware of the possibility of criticism when it was approached by Lotto NZ to do a scratchie, but said it felt that supporting Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre, Star Jam NZ and Heart Kids NZ was worth it.