10 Jan 2021

Police postpone intake of new recruits

3:11 pm on 10 January 2021

The latest intake of recruits into training college has been postponed by police.

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It comes after the police stopped taking new applications due to an increase in the number of people expressing interest, in June last year.

More than 4000 people were going through the recruitment process, and about 600 were joining the queue every month.

But for some of those recruits, their training has now been delayed, with the Police Association confirming they were told by the police the scheduled intake of recruits, due to happen in February, had been halted.

Association president Chris Cahill said he had been told about the delay last week. He said the police made the decision in the last week of December.

"We've got 200 [officers] working in the managed isolation facilities. They're not on the front line, they're not doing those investigations on the gangs that we're seeing a lot of, or the big increase in family harm investigations we heard about last week.

"So more than ever, while you've got the recruits wanting to come in, you should be recruiting them."

The police did not want to comment directly on the halting of the intake. But it did say their next scheduled wing is May this year, and the planning for further wings will be completed this month.

Meanwhile, those recruits who are currently undergoing training will not be affected.

But Cahill said it would still have an impact.

"We're going to lose the momentum we have gained of getting these extra numbers out onto the streets.

"Police staff have told me it was making a real difference - there were more people to attend jobs. They were able to get in front and do proactive investigation.

"That is going to slow down if we stop the pipeline of new recruits."

Meanwhile, he said it was ever important the police keeps adding to their numbers, while the rate of crime is increasing.

He said the police has the facilities to be able to continue training, but just not the money.

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