6 Jan 2021

Jetskiers coming too close to swimmers - Surf Lifesaving

6:08 pm on 6 January 2021

Lifeguards are urging jetskiers to be more careful as some are travelling dangerously close to Auckland's shoreline.

young adult man running the wave on jet ski during summer vacation

Photo: 123rf

Surf Lifesaving northern region operations manager Alan Gibson said there have been multiple incidents at Takapuna, Orewa and Wenderholm where jetski have come "pretty close to swimmers".

"When lifeguards are engaging with jetski operators who are not abiding by the rules it takes lifeguards away from their core work, which is the bathers in the water and ensuring they are safe," Gibson said.

He said according to maritime law jetskis should not be travelling more than five knots within 200 metres of a beach.

Gibson said lifeguards have had to remind a number of jetski operators of this.

Lifeguards have also been busy assisting people using paddleboards and inflatables that they may not be familiar with using.

Gibson warned offshore winds can create dangerous conditions and those using flotation devices should not go out further than standing depth.