26 Dec 2020

Trade Me lists 4400 unwanted Christmas gifts

12:08 pm on 26 December 2020

More than 4000 unwanted Christmas gifts have already been posted for sale online.

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Trade Me spokeswoman Millie Silvester said items include a Mazda Demio and a toy from a Christmas cracker.

A husband bought a bright orange Mazda Demio as a surprise early Christmas gift for his wife, but unfortunately it was the wrong colour, Silvester said.

"A pair of Apple AirPod pros a parent bought for their daughter but the daughter was adamant that she actually prefers the standard version rather than the pro" was another of the listed presents, she said.

Trade Me says a survey shows at least half of New Zealanders get at least one unwanted gift each year.

"Last year on the 24 hours following Christmas Day we saw 50,000 searches for unwanted gifts on site [Trademe]."

And judging by the weather forecast around the country, it wouldn't be a surprise if the search for unwanted gifts soars from last year, Silvester said.

She said there is no need to feel guilty about onselling unwanted presents, as only 6 percent of people said they would be upset if they found out a gift they had given had been passed on.

"We reckon selling a present that missed the mark is better than it sitting unused, gathering dust or ending up in the bin. Plus you can use the cash to buy yourself something else you want or need, and someone else gets something they want too.

She said generally New Zealanders will not tell the gift giver that they did not like a present.

"When we asked Kiwis how they typically respond to unwrapping an unfortunate present, 83 percent admitted they put on their best poker face and pretend to like it."

Retailers look forward to big Boxing Day spend

Retail Group Briscoe has seen strong sales leading up to Christmas and is looking forward to a big sales today.

The managing director at the group, Rod Duke, said both brands - Briscoes and Rebel Sport - have broken record in terms of dollar spend and percentage increase over the best month prior to that.

The best-selling items are towels and sheets, outdoor furniture, barbecues and electric appliances, he said.

Paymark has also reported a new spending record, with transactions peaking at 204 per second at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and said new figures would be available early next week.

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