Elizabeth Zhong was killed in her own home, police confirm

4:58 pm on 4 December 2020

Police have confirmed they believe Auckland businesswoman Elizabeth Zhong was killed in her home and her body was placed in the boot of her car.

Acting Detective Inspector Shaun Vickers

Acting Detective Inspector Shaun Vickers Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

The 55-year-old businesswoman was reported missing from her home in Suzetta Place, Sunnyhills, on Saturday and her body was found in the boot of a car on a few streets away.

During an update on the investigation this afternoon, Acting Detective Inspector Shaun Vickers confirmed that police were satisfied that she was murdered in her home.

He said he could confidently say police were making progress in their investigation.

"At this time I'm not going to speculate, we're only going to operate on fact."

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The businesswoman had run into financial difficulties with her three companies in the 18 months before her death. Records showed three businesses owned by Zhong had been listed for sale, or placed into receivership since 2019.

Elizabeth Zhong

Elizabeth Zhong Photo: Supplied

Vickers said today the body police found had been formally identified as Zhong. A scene examination is still underway at Zhong's Suzetta Place home.

The last confirmed sighting they have of Zhong still alive was at home at 4.30pm on Friday afternoon. Her car was found at 10am the next day.

One part of the investigation is focusing on Friday 27 to Saturday 28 November.

"We would be particularly appealing if you have seen Elizabeth's black Landrover between that point in time, if you haven't already contacted police please do ... no matter how small or insignificant a piece of information it is you think you may have."

The phone call alerting police was made by a "close associate", he said.

"We have contacted the Chinese consulate and as the investigation progresses there will be further inquiries made with Chinese-based agencies."