24 Sep 2020

Vegetation 'drying out fast' in Canterbury

6:37 pm on 24 September 2020

Fire and Emergency says two fires by train-tracks in Christchurch today show how dry things already are.

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Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

Crews were called to two fires along the same area of train track in Woolston and Ferrymead about 3:30pm.

Christchurch Assistant Area Commander Shane Cole said the fires were probably caused by an issue with a train which travelled through the area.

"Fire investigators will be working with KiwiRail to investigate the cause.

"This incident highlights that the vegetation is drying out fast with summer-like conditions already present, we are asking the public to be vigilant and take care when undertaking any activity that could cause a fire during this warm and windy period of weather," Cole said.

People should start preparing for summer, people living in high-risk urban interface areas or rural areas need to take the risk seriously and take steps to make their properties fire safe, he said.

Earlier this week Fire and Emergency said people in Canterbury should avoid fires and anything which creates a spark due to dry conditions and high winds forecast for the next two weeks.