23 Jun 2020

Medical radiation tech censured for sexual harrassment

3:02 pm on 23 June 2020

A New Zealand medical radiation technologist is being disciplined for sexually harrassing a young female hospital cleaner.

Iv Drip in hospital corridor

Photo: 123rf

Rejinold Victor Adolf faced multiple accusations of professional misconduct at a hearing in March.

He made an application for permanent name suppression but this has been dismissed.

The charges included behaving in an inappropriate and/or sexually inappropriate manner towards the cleaner who worked at the hospital by:

  • Asking questions and making comments that made the cleaner uncomfortable;
  • When the cleaner was cleaning in the room he had been sleeping in, asking the cleaner to give him a massage;
  • Shutting the door to the room with the cleaner inside the room with him;
  • Nudging the cleaner so she ended up sitting on the bed;
  • Telling the cleaner to remove her jacket and lie down on the bed on her tummy so he could give her a massage;
  • Barring the cleaner's attempts to leave the room;
  • As she tried to leave, grabbing her, and/or pulling her into him and/or hugging her;
  • Asking the cleaner for her phone number;
  • Trying to kiss the cleaner on the forehead.

He also faced charges that he raised his voice and/or yelled at the cleaner and told her to do her job and/or otherwise acted in an intimidating manner towards her, but these were dismissed.

Adolf has been censured, ordered to pay a $5000 fine and pay a contribution of $18,000 amounting to 30 percent of the costs of and incidental to the hearing.

If he recommences practice in New Zealand, he is ordered to practice under various conditions.