10 May 2020

Plea for government to endorse Northland infrastructure projects in Budget

8:15 pm on 10 May 2020

A Northland mayor says the government can change the story for the region by endorsing five major infrastructure projects in Thursday's Budget.

Northport is a deep-water commercial port located at Marsden Point near Whangārei.

One of so-called Big Five infrastructure projects is the expansion of Northport. Photo: Northport

The so-called Big Five includes:

  • A four-lane expressway from Whangārei to Auckland,
  • A double-tracked rail line from West Auckland to Whangārei
  • A dry dock in Whangārei to enable ships being serviced and repaired there rather than travelling to Asia
  • A new base for the Royal Navy
  • An expanded Northport.

Far North mayor John Carter, Whangārei mayor Sheryl Mai and Kaipara mayor Jason Smith say Covid-19 has hit the region hard because of government negligence for decades.

They say the region has great potential and investments will help stimulate economy for the whole country.

Jason Smith said the projects are a game-changer for the region and the country.

"The important thing is that this is a once in a 100 year opportunity to reset the story for northern New Zealand and these major major connection points with the rest of the world."