1 May 2020

Sightings of another whale in Wellington

4:17 pm on 1 May 2020

Wellington is becoming the playground capital for sea life following another whale spotting today.

A young humpback whale was spotted by onlookers at the waterfront around midday.

Project Jonah, who shared videos of the whale, said "we are unable to tell if it is the same young humpback whale as earlier this week".

"While this is very exciting for those who were able to watch this whale before it swam out into the harbour, please remember we are still in level 3 lockdown and essential travel and social distancing rules apply," the spokesperson from Project Jonah said.

There have been a number of humpback whale sightings around the country as the whales undertake their annual migration from Antarctic waters up to the warm waters of the Pacific.

A special sight for those lucky few who catch a glimpse as the whales head north.

Humpback whales can reach lengths of up to 15 metres. They were on the verge of extinction before NZ banned commercial whaling in 1964, and are currently classed as endangered, however with a now growing population. By the age of 2 years, humpback whales are independent.

The humpback is a baleen whale, a filter feeder that strains shrimp-like krill, tiny fish, or plankton through its baleen plates.