25 Apr 2020

As it happened: Latest Covid-19 news from NZ and around the world

2:11 pm on 25 April 2020

As Covid-19 spreads around the world, it can be daunting keeping up with the information. For RNZ, our responsibility is to give you verified, up to the minute, trustworthy information to help you make decisions about your lives and your health. We'll also be asking questions of officials and decision makers about how they're responding to the virus. Our aim is to keep you informed.

One third of early childhood centres say they will remain closed in level 3, while 55 percent plan to open, the Early Childhood Council (EEC) says.

The ECC says it surveyed its members and 55 percent said they would open to support parents returning to work.

Thirty-three percent said they would not open and 12 percent said they were still unsure.

ECC chief executive Peter Reynolds said centres would be very different places to normal come Wednesday.

"Centres have been on the phone to parents to gauge how many children need to attend, but many won't open because all their parents are taking government advice to keep children home if they can. If no children are coming, you don't open."

ECC said 83 percent of members surveyed said they had all the information they needed, or were confident it would come, while 74 percent said they were feeling nervous, concerned or 'only OK' about opening.

"No-one's done this before - centres are doing all they can to provide a safe environment for children and help prevent Covid-19 coming in through the door," Reynolds said.

"Opening with low numbers gives centres the chance to embed their new ways of operating before level 2."

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