9 Apr 2020

Man jailed for three months for spitting on police

5:18 pm on 9 April 2020

Police say a man has been sentenced to three months in prison for spitting at officers.

Police generic

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

The man appeared in the New Plymouth District Court today on a charge of aggravated assault, to which he pleaded guilty.

Police said in a statement the man had been onto several private properties and was located by police staff nearby.

When they were dealing with him he became aggressive and spat at them, police said.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening.

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"Abhorrent behaviour such as spitting puts our Police staff at risk, and understandably causes stress and angst.

"In the current environment we have identified spitting as an escalating risk to both police officers and the community and it will not be tolerated."

Yesterday, Police Comissioner Andrew Coster said spitting had become an increasing risk to police, public, and health staff during the lockdown.

To that time, eight police had to self isolate after being spat at by people who said they had the virus or were showing symptoms.

Coster warned that people who spat on others and infected them, could be prosecuted and face up to 14 years in prison.

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