1 Apr 2020

The dogs, bunnies and other pets keeping us company during lockdown

8:35 am on 1 April 2020

Walking, stretching, stealing socks, playing fetch, daytime napping, farting and ignoring all social distancing rules - this is the tough life of a pet in lockdown.

For as long as the lockdown lasts our sports journalist, Joe Porter has committed to posting a photo a day of his beautiful dogs on their recent adventures.

Joe Porter's dogs Tess and Jake at Peka Peka beach.

Joe Porter's dogs Tess and Jake at Peka Peka beach. Photo: Joe Porter

We loved how these pictures brightened up our timeline, and asked for pictures of how your pets were enjoying more time with you.

Jennie Gutry sent in this photo of Max, who is now acting as Bureau Chief at Foxton RNZ, and keeping an eye on reporter in lockdown Katie Scotcher.

Max the kitty, Bureau Chief at Foxton RNZ

Max the kitty, Bureau Chief at Foxton RNZ Photo: RNZ

Josie Campbell has a fairly territorial house bunny called Rabs Guy who is slowly adjusting to her being around all the time.

"The most upsetting thing for him is that I keep getting in his space, and he lets me know about it - often by sitting under my chair and farting. I was doing a streaming yoga class the other day and he was so perturbed about me being down on the carpet that he climbed on my back while I was doing cobra pose, stood on his hind legs and leant on me when I was doing warrior two, and repeatedly sat between me and the screen."

Rabs Guy

Rabs Guy Photo: Josie Campbell

Josie's guinea pigs Wally and Stan don't have a clue that anything's different. Today they got fanmail through the post from their seven year bestie Eva and the likenesses are outstanding.

Guinea pigs Wally and Stan pose with their art

Guinea pigs Wally and Stan pose with their art Photo: Josie Campbell

Vinnie Wylie's kitten Kobe is finding lockdown exhausting.

Kobe the cat, exhausted

Kobe the cat, exhausted Photo: Supplied

Jane Gro says their says kittens are learning what it's like to snooze in front of the fire for the first time in their little lives.

Jane Gro's kittens napping

Jane Gro's kittens napping Photo: Jane Gro

And Lachie is getting in on some of that nap action.

Koro Vaka'utas' cat Fluff has been doing some cat-yoga stretches.

Fluff doing stretches

Fluff doing stretches Photo: Supplied

As has Sirius. Perhaps they were streaming the same free yoga class on Instagram.

Francesca shared this image of Iris and Theo. She says Theo is still a naughty kitten and really wants to be friends with Iris, who only tolerates him at the moment. It appears there is a breakthrough in their relationship, as it is rare for them to be napping so close together.

Iris and Theo take a nap together

Iris and Theo take a nap together Photo: Supplied

Chloe Smith sent in this picture of Coco the Sheep, who has been enjoying the family's company by getting glammed up for a photo shoot and getting heaps of treats.

Coco the Sheep

Coco the Sheep Photo: RNZ

Speaking of fashion shoots, Ada has her formal Friday outfit sorted.

Meanwhile, this kitty is getting involved in the teddy bear hunt fun.

Brooklyn the Dog is a huge American baseball fan, and pretty bummed about having no baseball to watch.

Brooklyn the dog, lamenting the lack of baseball.

Brooklyn the dog, lamenting the lack of baseball. Photo: Supplied

There's a game of hide and seek being played here.

Bruno has decided if there's no sport on the telly, he'll create his own fun with some hallway cricket.

And this doggo has decided to take a wee rest with tennis ball still in mouth.

This fluff-ball has started collecting socks.

MonstrosKitty has been enjoying having more people to snuggle up to.

Two metres apart rule? It's OK, these doggos are staying inside of their bubble.

And these pets are just busy looking cute.

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