13 Mar 2020

University of Otago cancels overseas postings for medical students

7:52 pm on 13 March 2020

The University of Otago has cancelled some planned overseas postings for its medical students due to Covid-19.

University of Otago - tower and garden, Dunedin, New Zealand

Photo: 123rf

In a note to students issued tonight, the university says all placements for the third quarter are canned, and it will decide on fourth quarter placements in May.

Students currently on placements have not been withdrawn yet but the university is assisting anyone wanting to return early.

"We appreciate that this will be upsetting for many of you," the note said.

Earlier this month the University of Auckland cancelled overseas work experience for its medical students with the decision affecting more than 200 students this year.

At that time the university said the decision was prompted by uncertainty about international travel.