7 Mar 2020

Colombo Street to shut for outdoor activities event on Sunday

9:52 pm on 7 March 2020

One of Christchurch's busiest roads is being closed to traffic to allow people to play.

Child drawing outside on footpath with chalk.

Chalk art will be one of the activities on Sunday. Photo: 123RF

Tomorrow's event on Colombo Street near Cashel Mall is being run to promote the idea of opening up streets for outdoor activities, rather than just using them for traffic.

The event is being run by the Transportation Group of Engineering New Zealand from 10am to 2pm.

Organiser Jeanette Ward said it coincided with the group's annual conference, where there would be a presentation by the Transport Agency about innovating streets.

Activities range from yoga, performances, and chalk art.

"It's just really good letting people, I guess, reimagine it. So when we think back to the old days when there were I guess less motorised vehicles, so we had a lot more bicycles and people walking. It's just taking it back to those days and showing that, we can do other things in that space," Ward said.

Ward said street events were becoming more common in New Zealand.

"I think there is a real drive to bring people back into town centres and central cities and show that they're really lively places," she said.