14 Feb 2020

Man prosecuted for kicking dog so hard it bled to death

6:33 pm on 14 February 2020

A Christchurch man has been prosecuted for kicking his partner's dog so hard, the animal bled to death.

Cian Irwin pleaded guilty to recklessly ill-treating the two-year-old Staffordshire cross Terrier named Kiomi.

The SPCA says Irwin was angry that the dog had made a mess inside, that he kicked her and left her tied to the washing line on a short lead, where she died.

A post mortem examination found her injuries were caused by at least three forceful blows, rupturing her liver and causing her to painfully bleed out internally.

Irwin has been fined more than $1800 in the Christchurch District Court, sentenced to four months' community detention and disqualified from owning companion animals for three years.