Extremist preacher barred from entering New Zealand

12:16 pm on 22 October 2019

An extremist American preacher who wants Barack Obama to die has been denied access to New Zealand.

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Photo: 123RF

Steven L Anderson has now been banned from more than 30 countries for his views.

The self-styled pastor has verbally attacked members of the LGBTQI+ community, and he has also denied the official history of the Holocaust.

Mr Anderson has also praised the Florida gunman who killed more than 49 people in an attack on the gay nightclub Pulse.

He has been banned from 34 countries and and is the first person ever banned from Ireland under its exclusion powers dating back to 1999.

It followed an online petition calling for his exclusion from Ireland, which amassed 14,000 signatures.

In a statement Immigration New Zealand said his visa application was declined because of his widespread exclusion from other nations.

But in a video posted online, Mr Anderson said that was a cop-out and New Zealanders were heathens living in a country unblessed by God.

Mr Anderson said his friends wrote letters to Immigration saying he had good character.