12 Oct 2019

Explainer: Where to find results from local body elections

2:34 pm on 12 October 2019

Voting has closed for local government elections, and voters are now waiting to see who will be at the helm in their communities for the next three years.

Auckland local elections ballot box at Parnell library

Photo: RNZ / Kymberlee Fernandes

Warwick Lampp, chief electoral officer for Electionz, says he's hard at work with election officers counting the votes, but expects Progress Results will be posted to their website later today.

Each council will also declare results on their websites (see list of links below).

After all ordinary and special votes are counted, the final results will be declared by Thursday 17 October.

What do the different types of results mean:

Progress Results

This is an early look at the count so far - not all ordinary votes have been counted, and any votes received on 12 October are still being delivered to the Electoral Officer. Progress results could be published from 2pm on Saturday 12 October as quality assurance checks are completed. But the results could still change.

Preliminary Results

This includes all ordinary votes, but not all special votes. Electionz expects to announce these later today or tomorrow. Results could change.

Official Results

This is the final result and includes all ordinary and special votes. These will be announced by Thursday 17 October.

DHB Results

DHB results are declared after all councils within the DHB's boundary have been declared.

Where to find council results for major centres:

Auckland Council

Hamilton City Council

Waikato Regional Council

Tauranga City Council

Palmerston North City Council

Horizons Regional Council

Wellington City Council

Wellington Regional Council

Nelson City Council

Christchurch City Council

Environment Canterbury

Dunedin City Council

Invercargill City Council