12 Oct 2019

Lianne Dalziel re-elected as Christchurch mayor

7:46 pm on 12 October 2019

Lianne Dalziel says she's grateful for Christchurch's "strong endorsement" of her leadership, after securing a third term wearing the mayoral chains.

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Lianne Dalziel with her husband Rod Davidson after her win this afternoon. Photo: RNZ / Katie Todd

Today's progress vote count showed she had a clear majority with 44,811 votes, despite 12 other people vying for her position. Her nearest rival, Darryll Park, received 28,260 votes.

Addressing media under the Bridge of Remembrance this afternoon, Ms Dalziel conceded it wasn't quite the landslide win of 2016, and "everyone always considers whether there might be other options".

But she said she had a very strong feeling the support was there.

"I judged how I was doing not by polling - because nobody did any polling, but by the feedback that I heard on the street. People calling out to me, coming up to me in supermarkets and at the new Riverside Market across the road," she said.

Dressed for the funeral that she attended this morning, and with her husband Rob Davidson by her side, Ms Dalziel pledged to hit the ground running.

Top of the to-do list, she said, is build the team.

"I'm going to reach out to all of the councillors today and I'm going to invite them to their first meeting tomorrow, Sunday," she said.

"It is all about teamwork. It's not one person who makes these decisions."

Deon Swiggs loses central ward seat amid allegations

Embattled councillor Deon Swiggs will not be returning to the central ward seat on that team, which Ms Dalziel said was inevitable.

"He's obviously had some challenging issues ... that's the reality he's faced as a result," she said.

Mr Swiggs' campaign went on hold after complaints of inappropriate behaviour in September, which are under investigation, and resumed last weekend.

In a statement this afternoon, Mr Swiggs congratulated Jake McLellan and wished him the best of luck during a critical time for the central city.

He said it was "always going to be a very tough election", given his code of conduct investigation was deliberately leaked to media, at the same time ballot papers were arriving in people's letterboxes.

But Mr Swiggs said he had been overwhelmed with messages of support, and remains intensely passionate about Christchurch as a city.

Voter turnout up from 2016

Christchurch voters turned out in slightly higher numbers for this local government election, than in 2016.

By this morning, Electionz.com had received 96,360 votes, which was 38.8 percent of all eligible voters.

Comparatively in 2016, 90,137 people - or 38.3 percent of eligible voters - returned voting forms.

There was only one place to cast last minute votes this morning, which was the Christchurch City Council building.

Progress results show the remaining Christchurch City Council seats were won by sitting Councillors.

  • In the Banks Peninsula ward Andrew Turner won the seat with 2410 votes.
  • In the Cashmere ward Tim Scandrett won the seat with 3634 votes.
  • In the Fendalton ward James Gough won with 5631 votes.
  • In the Halswell ward Anne Galloway won with 3553 votes.
  • In the Harewood ward Aaron Keown won the seat with 5071 votes.
  • In the Heathcote ward Sara Templeton won the seat with 5092 votes.
  • In the Hornby ward Jimmy Chen won the seat with 3162 votes.
  • In the Innes ward Pauline Cotter won the seat with 2425 votes.
  • In the Linwood ward Yani Johanson won the seat with 3564 votes.
  • In the Papanui ward Mike Davidson won the seat with 2249 votes.

Meanwhile, Sam Broughton is set to remain mayor of Selwyn District, with preliminary results indicating a landslide win.

He has received 10,775 votes, which is more than 5000 ahead of one other candidate, Bill Woods.

About 95 percent of votes have been counted.

Nigel Bowen will take up the position of mayor in Timaru.

Progress results show he has recieved 8322 votes, and sits well ahead of four other candidates. He replaces Damon Odey who did not seek another term.

And a new mayor is set to take over Ashburton District, replacing Donna Favel.

In election progress results, Neil Brown is leading the count for the mayoralty, in front of Tony Todd, Ms Favel and Leen Braam.

The farmer and businessman has received 4218 votes.

Close race in Kaikōura

It's a close race for the mayoralty in Kaikōura, with just seven votes separating Craig Mackle and John Diver in progress results.

Mr Mackle sits just ahead at 449 votes, with about 95 percent of votes counted.

A total of five candidates were seeking the top spot after Winston Gray stepped down.

He had served nine years as mayor.