21 Sep 2019

$17,000 in fines after crewman passes out in ship's hold

5:08 pm on 21 September 2019

The captain and chief officer of a bulk carrier have been fined more than $17,000 after giving misleading information to Maritime New Zealand.

Earlier this month a crewman passed out because of an oxygen shortage in the ship's badly ventilated hold. The ship was docked at the Port of Tauranga at the time.

He was rescued by Fire and Emergency and placed in an induced coma at Tauranga Hospital.

When Maritime New Zealand investigated, the captain and chief officer falsely claimed that gas tests had been done and the hold was safe to work in.

On Thursday Captain Walter Damian was fined more than $13,000 in the Wellington District Court.

The chief officer, Ian Dalingding, was ordered to pay more than $4000.

The victim has also been awarded reparation of $10,000.