15 Sep 2019

Christchurch library's new 'green connection pod' unveiled

11:08 am on 15 September 2019

A "green connection pod" surrounded by plants has been set up in the Christchurch library, Tūranga, to encourage people in the inner city to connect with nature and each other.

Picture of Green Lab coordinator Jane Ash with All Right? strategist Ciaran Fox.

Picture of Green Lab coordinator Jane Ash with All Right? strategist Ciaran Fox. Photo: Supplied to RNZ

The pod is the latest project by the Green Lab, the group formerly known as Greening the Rubble.

Project manager Khye Hitchcock said there's not a lot of space in urban environments to connect with others and they wanted to create a green space where people felt relaxed.

"We want the pod to encourage people who don't necessarily know each other to try and have a chat. The more we talk and connect with each other the more enriched our lives become."

"The central city is not a familiar place for a lot of people still, there's new stuff going up all the time, so that little moment where you can engage in a place that's a little bit enclosed by plants, but not too close, gives you that moment where you can really connect with other people," Hitchcock said.

"Maybe that kind of environment allows for more intimate connection or more personal conversation to happen."

There are conversation starters in the pod for people who may not know each other.

Manager of the All Right? mental health and wellbeing initiative Sue Turner said being surrounded by plants is proven to lift your mood.

"We know that being surrounded by nature makes us feel good, and every little bit helps us find balance, build resilience and boost mental wellbeing."

The pod will be at Tūranga throughout September and October.