11 Sep 2019

Police warn Lois Tolley suspects: 'We will continue to pursue'

5:44 pm on 11 September 2019

Almost three years after Upper Hutt woman Lois Tolley was brutally killed in her home, an arrest has finally been made.

Lois Tolley

Lois Tolley Photo: Facebook

A 27-year-old man appeared before the Hutt Valley District Court this morning, charged with the 30-year-old's murder.

But the case remains far from closed, and police warn others who they believe were involved - that they're coming for them.

Police believe on 9 December 2016, 30-year-old Lois Tolley was murdered 'execution-style' in her Ward Street home, and that four people are responsible.

One of them appeared briefly in court today.

About a dozen family and friends of Ms Tolley watched from the public gallery as the man was granted interim name suppression, his lawyer arguing that his right to a fair trial would be at risk, should his name and picture be published.

Outside court Ms Tolley's aunt, Yvonne Tolley, thanked police for their doggedness.

"Hopefully this will help us for the rest of our journey, because it's been a very long time.

"None of us have got closure and that's something that we really, really want to have. So I do thank you (police). There's no rest, it doesn't go, it doesn't leave us."

Inspector Scott Miller, Lois Tolley's aunt Yvonne Tolley, and a support person outside of court.

Inspector Scott Miller, Lois Tolley's aunt Yvonne Tolley, and a support person outside of court. Photo: RNZ / Emma Hatton

On behalf of the family, Yvonne Tolley also asked the media and the public to respect their privacy.

Standing at Yvonne Tolley's side was Inspector Scott Miller, who has been on the case, and with the family, since the beginning.

"I've personally spoken to Lois' mum, Cathrine, every two weeks for two years and nine months and often that is very hard, obviously for the family, but they are very strong at this time."

Today, Mr Millar admitted it had been a long wait for the family, but he was glad there had been a breakthrough.

"My main feeling of relief is for the family. But, it's very hard for the family because it's just another stage in this investigation. So this is not the end."

And he had a message for the remaining three suspects.

"I know their names and we will continue to pursue them actively in this inquiry."

The man was remanded in custody until a High Court appearance on 3 October.

He did not seek bail.

Upon being stood down, some sitting in the public gallery yelled abuse at him, as he was ushered out back by police.