1 Sep 2019

$20m bus lane won't be repaired until temperatures rise

9:03 pm on 1 September 2019

A damaged Christchurch bus lane will not be repaired until there's a pattern of warmer weather.

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Photo: Supplied

Holes have been appearing in the Manchester Street bus lane, 12 months after a two year, $20 million upgrade was completed to improve the busy bus thoroughfare.

The bus lanes are distinguished by a green surface, which is made of an adhesive material mixed with recycled glass fragments. Photos show that where the green seal has begun to peel, the black asphalt underneath is also wearing away.

A spokesperson for Crown rebuild company Ōtākaro Limited said the holes were a result of a defect in sealing process.

The spokesperson said issues such as this were not uncommon, but said the public would not be footing the bill.

"Such issues arise on any construction project and for this reason there is a period after the work is complete where the responsible contractor must remedy issues at its expense."

The spokesperson said the repairs would have to be completed at the end of winter months, as they could not be done with daily temperatures below 10 degrees.

The cost of the repairs would become clear after the work was finished.

No timeframe was given as to how long the repairs would take.