Auckland Council's living wage comes into effect

3:05 pm on 1 September 2019

A living wage has come into effect for all Auckland Council staff from today.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

It's the final phase of Auckland Council's living wage policy, ensuring all council staff earn enough to support themselves and their families.

The policy was included in Auckland Mayor Phil Goff's first Annual Budget proposal in 2017, with the majority of councillors voting to support the wage increase for the council's lowest paid staff.

The council's living wage has been introduced in three stages, with the final phase lifting the wages of its lowest paid staff to at least $21.15 an hour.

Mr Goff said the cost of living in Auckland was higher than the rest of New Zealand and the wage increase ensured pay reflected this.

However, workers who carry out core tasks for the council, like bus drivers or council office cleaners, are not covered.

Mr Goff said he will extend the living wage to all cleaners on contracts for the council if he's re-elected.

When the policy was voted in last year, it was estimated to cost about $7 million, although it was likely to change as the living wage increased.